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Want to become a qualified counsellor in 2 years? Want to open your private practice once qualified? Nescot can give you the opportunity to open private practice once qualified at the end of a successful 2 years of training.

Available courses

The Counselling Deparment

The Counselling department at Nescot College has seen enormous growth in recent years as the benefits of self development and mental strength gain more currency in society. There will be opportunities for training/clinical placements within approved voluntary agencies from year 1 but a lot of support is provided to help students to secure a clinical placement. Teaching is structured around a whole day, and supervision group sizes are kept small at a maximum of 4 as per the BACP’s Ethical Framework for the Counselling professions.

Our Staff

Our team at Nescot are dedicated to taking you through rigorous professional training with the view to producing skilled competent practitioners, equipped with the knowledge and empathy to make a real difference to your clients.

All of your tutors here are experienced, practising counsellors with various specialties and areas of excellence. We are also one of the only departments to offer specialised training in the latest psychodynamic counselling techniques.

We believe in supporting your learning by being available to answer queries, questions and difficulties promptly and you will have frequent, individual attention from your tutor, including before and after tutoring sessions when you are seeing clients, as well as email and telephone access.


Counselling is an absorbing and engaging profession which has gained in popularity in recent years. Opportunities for skilled counsellors are numerous and varied and challenging. Your training at Nescot is designed to equip you to meet those challenges and to become a highly skilled practitioner, fully conversant with the latest thinking in the field.