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This course is intended for 16-18 year olds and for students who will be 16 years old by next the September following the course and who are not currently in education. It involves students coming into college one day a week (Wednesday) to work towards a Maths and English qualification which will provide access to main college programmes the following year. It has proved ideal for homeschooled students who have an educational grounding, but do not yet have the qualifications for main college programmes. It is also very useful as a gentle re-introduction into college life for those who have not been in formal education recently.

Course Code:MEP1619E
Study Type:Part Time
Academic Level:
Awarded by:Pearson
Course Length

This course is already running, but students can join until February half term.

It runs one day a week – Wednesday and includes a tutorial period and then Maths and English sessions. The day is 10am - 2pm

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