Enrolling for 2022 start? All you need to know here

Enrolment for Full-Time Applicants

Please read the information below carefully as it will help you to enrol at the right time and avoid any unnecessary waits.

Full-Time Further Education Applicants

What happens next?

  • You will be invited to enrolment. This is when you become a Nescot student. We'll send you an email in July with your appointment date and time, and tell you what to bring with you. Enrolment starts on August 24, and GCSE results day is on August 25.

There's more information below. 

If you haven't applied for a course yet but you'd like to join us in September, have a look at our courses and apply today to join us in September. 

What to do before enrolment

Log into your applicant portal and check you have:

  1. Accepted your offer
  2. Completed your Get Ready for College form
  3. Uploaded a reference from your school, if you’ve been asked to provide one
  4. If your appointment is after you get your GCSE results, please log into the portal and take a picture of your results. If you have any difficulty doing this, please don't worry.

You can log into the portal by clicking here. If you need any help uploading documents, such as a reference, click here.

If you've applied to study Health and Social Care, you can read more about how to prepare for your work placement online here. 

What to bring to enrolment

You must bring a copy of your GCSE results. We won’t be able to enrol you without this.

If you are a non-UK national you will be asked to do a home/overseas assessment form, and you will also need to bring your passport with you to enrol, as well as your residency permit or evidence of your current residency status in the UK. If you are an EU national then the college is required to verify your settled or pre-settled status. You can find out more on our website here.

If you are studying Childcare or Health and Social Care, you will need to have a DBS check before you start your placement. Nescot will organise this for you, but you'll need to bring some extra documents to enrolment. Please click here to see what to bring. 

Performing Arts students only:

All Performing Arts students must audition before they enrol. If you have not already attended a group interview and done an audition then you will need to record yourself performing, and send it to us before your enrolment appointment. Please prepare one of the items below, and email it or send it via a file sharing service to rduscha@nescot.ac.uk. If you have already auditioned then you do not need to do this.

  • A monologue from a published play – this should be about 15 lines, or one minute long
  • A verse and chorus from a Musical Theatre song
  • A short dance piece.

Art and Design students only: 

If you have not already had an interview then you must bring a portfolio of artwork with you to your enrolment appointment. This could be a physical sketchbook or portfolio, photographs of your sketchbook, or digital work. You can send digital work to Sarah Morgan before your appointment by emailing smorgan@nescot.ac.uk. If you have already had an interview then you don’t need to bring a portfolio with you to enrolment.

What happens at enrolment

You’ll have a chat with your tutor and make sure that the course and the level you’ve applied for are still right for you. If you’ve got better GCSE grades than you expected we might be able to move you up to the next level of your course. If your GCSEs didn’t go to plan then we might be able to move you to a different level, or to a different course. If you’re not sure about the grades you need, you can check our website.

Some students need to buy uniform or equipment for their course. You will have been told about this at your interview, but you can read more on our PPE pages here. You will need to buy or order your uniform or equipment at enrolment, so that you have it for the start of term. If you need some help with the costs please have a look at our Student Finance pages here. If you are studying Childcare or Health and Social Care we will help you to organise your DBS check. Please click here to read more and to see what to bring with you. 

After enrolment: Induction and the start of term

At enrolment you will be told the date for your induction. Induction for full-time students is on September 7, 8 or 9, depending on which course you're doing. At induction you will be given your timetable. 

Lessons start from Monday September 12. You can read our term dates for the year ahead online here. Students in Foundation Learning will have their induction and teaching from September 5. 

If you can't make your enrolment appointment

Enrolment is the process of becoming a Nescot student. Our courses are in high demand, and your place is not guaranteed until you have enrolled. 

If you are unable to make the appointment we offer you and you are a full-time Further Education student (a school leaver), or you are a university-level (Higher Education) student, please call Advice and Guidance on 020 8394 3038

If you are an Adult student, we will not be able to guarantee you a place if you do not come to your scheduled enrolment appointment. 

Any questions

If you have any questions about our enrolment process please contact our Advice Team by emailing adviceteam@nescot.ac.uk or calling 020 8394 3038

What can I study?

We believe that Nescot has a qualification for everyone, whatever your goals are. We also have a wide range of facilities that are open to the public.

  • Part-time courses for adults: We offer courses that fit around your existing commitments, whether you're aiming for a promotion, a career change or a new hobby. Choose your qualification here.
  • University-level qualifications: Our courses include HNCs, HNDs, top-up years, foundation degrees and more. Learn more here.
  • Distance learning: Many of our courses can be studied by distance learning, with subjects ranging from health and social care to business - and many of them are absolutely free. Find out more here.