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Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (Business)

We are committed to teaching you more than just the theory of business. Our teachers will help prepare you for a successful career.

Available courses

The Business Department

You will not only learn the rules and skills you need for the business world, but will be given the tools to turn from a student into a business professional.

What You Can Expect
  • Nescot Level 3 Business students compete in the Young Enterprise Company Programme where they set up their own businesses by raising funds and investing in shares, design and seek manufacturers to make and supply their products, then sell these to the local community for a profit they share at the end of the academic year, when they liquidate their company.
  • We regularly have guest speakers in to talk to students about their experiences in the business world.
  • Every one of our students will research, target, apply for, and spend at least a week doing meaningful work experience in an area they find exciting and relevant.
  • You will also take part in organising events for some of your units.
  • UK and international trips to look at real-life examples of business functions like sales and marketing. Previous trips have included visiting Barcelona, Milan, Thorpe Park, Fragrance Company, Westfield Shopping Centre and Mayfield Lavender.
Our Staff

We treat our students as adults and encourage them to take responsibility and pride in their assignments, behaviour, professional conduct and appearance.

Our Facilities

The department has excellent teaching rooms and IT suites, where you will learn to use the latest software and presentation techniques.


Our students have gone on to higher education to study:

  • AAT Accounting
  • Business Studies
  • Real Estate
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Business Law

or into apprenticeships:

  • KPMG
  • Unilever (Marketing)
  • Estate Agency
  • Retail Management

or full-time employment:

  • Office Team (Admin/Marketing)
  • Estate Agency Sacha Scott (Sales)
  • Wilsons Cars (Sales)

At Nescot we encourage our students to think ahead, so that they can choose the right courses to fit them and their future. We also use an innovative online platform called Start, which is a free and comprehensive digital platform, offering students a single starting point to help simplify careers guidance. Students can build a personal profile aimed at guiding them throughout their career. Find out more here.

Labour market trends

This chart shows some details about employment trends in the sector, and companies Nescot works with.

Skills you will gain

The overall aim of the courses is to equip students for planning and running successful enterprises and organisations. Learning from established and emerging business models and thinkers, you will apply your skills to real-world scenarios and case studies.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Decision making
  • Business finance
  • Networking
  • Management
  • Operating safely and legally
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • IT and data for business

Photograph of a Nescot student

The best project we’ve done was the enterprise competition. We had to set up a real business and run it, and make the most profit possible. It was at the end of our course, so we could take everything that we’d learnt and put it into practice in a real business. We had to do everything ourselves, from thinking of an idea to sourcing products and setting a pricing strategy and then running the company as a team.
Level 3 Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Photograph of a Nescot student

We study in a lot of detail, and we do a lot of case studies of real-life businesses so that we can see genuine examples of what we’re learning. We took part in a competition where we set up and ran our own businesses. I was the finance director, so I was preparing financial statements, working out cash flow and doing forecasting. It was really interesting and very rewarding.
Level 3 Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Photograph of a Nescot student

We’re taught to back up our ideas with examples and case studies from real businesses, which helps us to apply the concepts to the real world, and that’s a great skill for our careers. The teaching is great, and it helps that we’re taught by people who work in the industry, so they can share their ideas and experience. Studying at Nescot has given me so much knowledge and experience of how businesses work, but it’s also given me a lot of confidence in myself and my ideas.
Level 3 Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

Photograph of a Nescot student

The best part was the Young Enterprise project, where we set up a business and ran it ourselves. It was a great opportunity to put what we’d learnt into practice. I’m going to the University of East London next year to study Law, and then I’ll train as a solicitor specialising in equality in the workplace.
Level 3 Enterprise & Entrepreneurship