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Level 1.5 Business & Information Technology

Course information

Course Summary

This course is made up of modules from the OCN Level 2 Diploma for IT Users, the OCN Level 1 Award in Essential Digital Skills and NCFE L1 Award in Developing Enterprise Skills. The course will help you develop the necessary IT and business skills and techniques that are required in the workplace, whilst also making you aware of the personal qualities and attitudes needed to succeed in working life. It provides the opportunity for progression to continue to develop your IT skills at further study levels. The IT units will provide practical opportunities to use a range of computer programmes typically found in a variety of workplaces.

Course Code:N3414
Study Type:Full Time
Academic Level:Level 1
Award:Level 2 OCN Diploma in IT User Skills, OCN L1 Award in Essential Digital Skills & NCFE L1 Award in Developing Enterprise Skills
Awarded by:OCN
Course Length

One year

Course Detail

The aim of this programme of study is to give you the opportunity to develop your skills and competencies in using IT. You will gain knowledge of the business world and an understanding of IT systems and practices. The course will help you acquire the necessary IT and business skills and techniques that are required in the workplace, whilst also developing the personal qualities and attitudes needed to succeed in working life. The IT units will provide practical opportunities to use a range of computer programmes typically found in a variety of workplaces and you will be taught to use a range of Microsoft and other vendor applications throughout the course.

Guest speakers from the world of IT and business are often invited to allow opportunities for students to learn about real-life work situations and IT in the work place.

As part of your Computing Level 1.5 programme, you will be studying modules from the OCN Level 2 Diploma in IT User Skills. You will have the opportunity of carrying out practical work-based activities within the College to build your work experience. The units studied will comprise of:

OCR Diploma in IT User Skills:

  • Improving Productivity Using IT * Mandatory*
  • Word Processing Software
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • IT Communication Fundamentals
  • Using Email
  • IT User Fundamentals
  • Presentation Software
  • Database Software
  • Drawing & Planning Software
  • Design Software
  • Imaging Software
  • Desktop Publishing Software

OCN Level 1 Award in Essential Digital Skills (EDSQ)

The level 1 Award in Essential Digital Skills for Everyday Life will provide you with transferable digital skills for everyday life. You will be assessed in five externally set short assessment papers which cover the five skill areas shown below:

  • Using Devices and handling information
  • Creating and editing
  • Communication
  • Transacting
  • Being safe and responsible online

NCFE Level 1 Award in Developing Enterprise Skills

The NCFE Level 1 Award in Developing Enterprise Skills is also embedded in the programme. It will provide you with an introduction to the main principles of enterprise you will gain an understanding of the importance of planning a project. The Award will enable you to develop your own enterprise and employability skills and help you gain an awareness of the personal qualities and attitudes essential for success in working life.

  • Understand Enterprise Skills
  • Demonstrate Enterprise Skills

Whilst studying the level 1.5 programme learners continue to develop their skills in English and Maths and will gain separate qualifications for these. Depending on prior achievements learners will either take GCSE resits or study Functional Skills and continuous assessment of these will take place throughout your level 1.5 programme, with final examinations towards the end of the academic year. The term ‘functional’ is a way of considering the overall skills and abilities required to enable you to take an active and responsible role in your everyday life.

Work Experience is a part of this course, the hours and dates will be determined by the course tutor. Work experience can be up to a maximum of two weeks on an external placement, you are encouraged to source your own placement with support from the WEX Team and your course tutor. Where external placements are not possible you will be expected to take part in simulated work experience organised by the college.

Course Fees

The course is free for those under 19.
Visits may be arranged as part of the course delivery and may cost approximately £30 in total for the year.

Entry Requirements

This is a challenging level 1.5 programme of study as 14 units are studied in total. The minimum entry requirement for this course is 4 GCSE Grade 2s to include English & Maths or a full Level 1 qualification with a minimum of Entry 3 English & Entry 3 Maths.

Your Next Steps

This qualification should act as a stepping stone, enabling you to move into employment or on to further study to a full Level 2 programme of study (upon achievement of both the main programme and Functional Skills at level 1).

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