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Music Production

Want to work in the music industry? Would you like to be a sound engineer, DJ, music technician or record label owner? Nescot has a selection of courses to help you achieve your dreams.

Available Courses

The Music Department

Want to work in the music industry? Would you like to be a sound engineer, beats producer, superstar DJ or record label owner? Nescot has a selection of courses to help you achieve your dreams.

What You Can Expect

Create – Learn how to produce, mix, sequence and capture live recordings, using our top-of-the range Macs with programmes including Reason, Logic Pro, Sibelius and Ableton Push.

Perform – You will organise and set up events such as band nights with live musicians or club nights with DJs, and will be able to perform at diverse venues. Recently, students had the opportunity to DJ and perform at Matthew’s Yard in Croydon.

Produce – We have a fully-equipped professional music studio with a live room, rehearsal space and dedicated vocal booth, with high-end synthesizers, drum machines and midi controllers, as well as acoustic and electric guitars, drum kits and keyboards.

Relevant Projects – All course projects are based on real-world scenarios, such as producing radio shows, engineering and recording live music, writing soundtracks for film, creating a professional four-track music promotional demo and sound engineering for live events.

Our Staff

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff are industry-qualified experienced Composers, DJ’s, Producers, Filmmakers and Theatre, Television, and stadium professionals and we like to keep up-to-date by staying involved in our relevant industries. Our music lecturers are working recording artists and producers. This means that we can bring real and relevant industry insights to our teaching.

Our Facilities

The department has a fully equipped Music Studio suite, industry-standard software and a high-quality equipment.


Our students have gone on to: 

• BIMM Institute
• Ministry of Sound Performances
• Bournemouth University – Music and Audio Technology
• Southampton Solent University – Music Production; Popular Music Recording
• Ravensbourne – Sound Design
• Goldsmiths – Sound and Engineering
• University of Hertfordshire – Music Journalism
• University of Chester – Popular Music
• University of Leeds – Music Production
• ACM – Music Business; Music Production

Music Technology will teach you the fundamentals of creating and working with music by producing, mixing and recording it. These courses not only give you the cutting edge technical skills you will need but will develop your own creativity and your understanding of your profession.
• Agent
• Backstage crew
• Box office staff
• Composer
• DJ
• Entertainer
• Licensing and royalty collection
• Lighting designer
• Music manager/ director
• Music teacher
• Musician
• Performer, recording artist
• Producer (live events)
• Producer-engineer (music)
• Production manager
• Record label manager
• Recording industry producer
• Rigger
• Singing coach
• Songwriter
• Sound engineer
• Sound technician
• Studio manager
• Tour manager

At Nescot we encourage our students to think ahead, so that they can choose the right courses to fit them and their future. We also use an innovative online platform called Start, which is a free and comprehensive digital platform, offering students a single starting point to help simplify careers guidance. Students can build a personal profile aimed at guiding them throughout their career. Find out more here.

Labour market trends

This chart shows some details about employment trends in the sector, and companies Nescot works with.

Skills you will gain

Learning from widely-experienced tutors you will gain skills for a huge range of roles in the contemporary music industry:

  • Technical knowhow & ‘troubleshooting’
  • Music composition and performance
  • Time management and handling pressure
  • Collaboration
  • Freelancing
  • Networking and self-promotion
  • Communication

Photograph of a Nescot student

It was a steep learning curve at first, and the first project was really hard, but the teaching is brilliant. It’s amazing to go from having no technical knowledge to confidently using industry-standard software like Ableton and Logic. There’s a lot of emphasis on working independently, because that’s a skill you’ll need in your career, but the teachers are always there for you when you need them.

Photograph of a Nescot student

The teaching is great, and we’re actually taught by people who make and produce their own music. It means they can tell us about what really happens when you’re working in the industry, and they can give advice from their own experience.

Photograph of a Nescot student

In the future I’m going to BIMM Institute London, to study Songwriting. I’ve learnt so many skills on this course, from using software to live performance, and it’s made me a more confident musician. We’re taught by people who actually work in the industry, and it means a lot to have their experience to draw on.

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