Want to work in the music industry? Would you like to be a sound engineer, beats producer, superstar D J or record label owner? Nescot has a selection of courses to help you achieve your dreams.

3 Good Reasons:

  1. We attend trade exhibitions, gigs and concerts as well as bespoke sessions with industry experts.
  2. Music staff are experienced musicians, composers, DJs, recording artists, and music producers.
  3. 91% of students would recommend Nescot to others and are happy with their course (2016/17).


Our students have progressed on to university-level qualifications at:

  • Nescot - HND/C
  • Bournemouth University – Music & Audio Technology
  • Southampton – Music Production
  • University of Leeds – Music Production
  • Ravensbourne – Sound Design
  • Goldsmiths – Sound & Engineering, Music and Computers and Popular Music
  • ACM – Music Business or Music Production
  • University of Hertfordshire – Music Journalism
  • Westminster – Popular Music
  • University of Salford – Popular Music and Recording
  • University of Kent – Popular Music
  • Chester – Popular Music
  • Southampton – Popular Music Recording

“The work has been hard at times, but the teachers always explain why we’re working on any given task and how it will help you in the future. The rewarding thing about this course is that you can look back at the standard you were at when you joined the college and see how much you’ve improved and achieved.”

Nicketa-Lee Dacosta Salmon, Level 3 Year 2, Music Practice

Our Staff

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff are industry qualified as experienced Composers, DJ’s, Producers, Filmmakers and Theatre, Television, and stadium professionals and we like to keep up to date by staying involved in our relevant industries. Our music lecturers are working recording artists and producers. This means that we can bring real and relevant industry insights to our teaching.

Our Facilities

The department has a fully equipped Music Studio suite, industry standard software and a high level of equipment.

Your Career

Music Technology will teach you the fundamentals of creating and working with music by producing, mixing and recording it. These courses not only give you the cutting edge technical skills you will need but will develop your own creativity and your understanding of your profession.








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