Information about GCSEs and functional skills in English and maths taken at Nescot in 2020

As directed by the Department for Education, any student due to complete a GCSE or a Functional Skills qualification in English or maths by July 31, 2020 was given a calculated grade.


The predicted grades were submitted by Nescot to the exam board at the start of June.

We assure you that the college established a rigorous predicted grade assessment process and made the process as fair and accurate as it could be.

The GCSE results will be issued by the exam boards on Thursday, August 20. The grades given are 9-1 (the minimum grade required to be a high grade is 4).

GCSE results will be posted on Weblearn on the 20th August. Students should log in to check their grade.

If students are unhappy with their grade, they have the right to re-sit the exam. Entries for October resits have to be with the exams office by the 14th September. As set out in the Ofqual guidance appeals will only be considered if there is evidence of bias or discrimination. Students should contact their teacher at Nescot in the first instance if they have a concern.

The College is not permitted to disclose any grading to students or parents before the 20th August.

Functional Skills

Where students were unable to sit an exam due to remote working, as with GCSEs functional Skills qualifications were awarded using predicted grades. Where students had already passed a functional skill exam it was accredited to their qualification without question. Certificates will be sent out as soon as they are received by the exams office. Staff will confirm results with students at the end of August.

Ongoing English and maths teaching

It is important that students continue to practise their skills. This can be done by using the College’s English and maths system Century Tec or through past papers found on the awarding body’s website.


English Language (8700)

Revision classes for October GCSE resits will be scheduled from the 1st September.








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