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Meet Our Art & Design Students


Level 1 Art & Design

“So far this year we’ve been building up our skills, and I can see I’ve made progress. We’ve been working on different techniques and with different materials, including print-making, textiles and sculpture. We’ve also been doing some research into other artists, and taking inspiration from them for our own projects. The Level 1 course feels like a really good foundation to studying Art and Design, and I’m really enjoying it. The teachers are really approachable and they’re good at explaining things, and the college campus is accessible."


Level 3 Art & Design

“I joined Nescot at Level 1, and now I’m at Level 3. I’ve learnt a lot of different techniques, from print to sculpture, and I’ve also learnt how to research ideas and how to take inspiration from different places. Studying at Nescot has really increased my self-confidence, and I’m looking forward to a career in the industry."


Level 3 Year 2, Art & Design

“Studying at Nescot has broadened my idea of what art is. We’re encouraged to work across a huge range of media, from sculpture to graphics and fashion, and from there we can specialise if we want to. We’re encouraged to be more independent and experimental, and we get to explore different techniques and ideas with the support of the tutors. Above all else they’ve taught me that art isn’t supposed to be perfect, and that’s been really liberating. I feel a lot more confident about my work, my ideas and how to express myself because of studying at Nescot.”

Photograph of a Nescot student

The teachers all have different backgrounds and styles, so you get to learn different skills and perspectives. We’re taught to be critical, and how to research a brief and develop our work. That’s really useful for university and for our future careers. I’m going to the University of Hertfordshire next year to study Animation and Modelling.

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