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Valentine - Diploma in Software Development

Valentine currently works in human resources but is planning to move her career path into the IT sector. She recently joined Nescot’s Diploma in Software Development, offered with The Code Institute.

“When I read about this course online, I knew I had to sign up! I am planning to develop the skills to become a software engineer and am also keen to learn about data science and analytics. I can see that getting into the IT sector opens up a range of career paths and as I’m also really interested in cybersecurity, maybe I will end up in that area.

I’m really enjoying the course, in the first few weeks we’ve started looking at the concepts of computer programming, the Python language itself and general programming best practices. Schedule wise, it’s easy enough to complete the lectures and coursework with a small baby to look after! The group makes good use of a Slack channel so we can get help from eachother whatever stage you are at with a topic, and can also reach out to tutors and facilitators for extra support.”

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“The course this year has been really varied, from learning more about hardware to covering HTML and databases. It’s given me a lot more knowledge about the industry and the different career options I have, and I feel a lot more confident in myself."


“At the moment we’re working on databases and spreadsheets, and next we’re starting a unit about networking. Everything we’re studying is new to me, but the teachers are so good at explaining things. I’ve made so much progress since I started at Nescot, and that’s all because of the teachers.”


Computing & IT  - Level 3 

In 2020, first year computing student Lucy Raymondu was among a handful of students nationally to be shortlisted to represent the UK in the Huawei Global computing competition. 

“I was initially nervous about taking part, but preparing for this has been very exciting. It’s like professional work, making sure you understand principles so you can implement them under pressure.”

Lucy’s tutor said “Nominating Lucy was an easy decision – her hard work and dedication to developing her skills in class and her own time are exactly what these competitions require. Whether she is part of a winning team or not, taking part will open up new ambitions and opportunities for a bright career in computing!”

Lucy completed an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course at a London college last year, choosing to move on to computing at Nescot because of our strong reputation for IT courses.

Photograph of a Nescot student

The thing that draws me to IT is being able to solve problems. Nescot offers a huge range of IT courses, and they’re easy to fit around your job. CCNA is challenging,but the teaching here is excellent and it’s a great qualification to have.

Photograph of a Nescot student

We’ve studied everything from website development to networking, programming, and cyber security. There are so many different potential career routes, and you get to explore them all to see what would suit you in your career or at university. In the future I’m planning to work for the police, specialising in cyber security.