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Meet Our Foundation Learning Students


Further Education Pathway

“I really like being at Nescot. Everyone is really nice, and it’s a really welcoming place. I’ve made lots of new friends already.

The best thing about my course so far is that it’s varied. We’ve been doing things like maths, but you also get to try out different subjects to see if you like them. In the future I want to do Animal Studies.

We’re about to do our first café, which is where we sell cakes and biscuits to other people at the college. Today we’re doing it to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, which I feel proud of. I’m a bit nervous about the café, but the teachers are here as well if we need them.”


Further Education Pathway

“When you study this course you get to do a bit of everything, and that can help you to decide what you want to be in the future. So far we’ve been doing art and maths, and next we’re going to be running a café where we sell tea and cakes. In the future I want to be a nannie, so after I do this course I’ll be able to do Childcare at Nescot.”


Supported Internship

Ashleigh is employed as a Supported Intern in Nescot’s in-house salon, Innovations.

Supported internships combine time in the workplace with confidence building and employment skills. The interns are supported in their role by a job coach and also get to share experiences and support eachother during classroom time.

“I had spent a year with the training salon but working in Innovations is fantastic experience, it is great to be in a professional setting and getting practical skills.”

Spending a year working with lockdown interruptions has not been easy, but Ashleigh says, “I was able to keep up my skills while away from work – we had sessions on Google Classroom and practical demos online. I also worked on practice heads at home.”

“My job coach has really helped me develop and grow. And the salon manager has given me more responsibilities round the salon, including meet-and-greet and preparing equipment.”

The whole experience has made Ashleigh very excited about her future. “I’m really proud of my portfolio work and hoping to continue my training here next year. When I am ready for my own first client, I’d like to be doing their styling for a special occasion.”

Photograph of a Nescot student

I’ve learnt lots of different things this year. We’ve learnt a lot about communication, how to travel independently and mindfulness, which is when you stay calm and relaxed. I really like Seasons Hub, which is where we can eat our lunch and talk to our friends.

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