Nescot students prepare to enter WorldSkills 2010

Apr 16, 2010

Nescot students prepare to enter WorldSkills 2010

Learners from the Computing, Media and Construction departments at Nescot are preparing to enter the WorldSkills UK competition, with the regional heats taking place in April.

At present all the entrants are working hard on their skills and knowledge, very often outside of college and work hours, as competition at the heats is extremely strong.

IT Practitioners National Diploma student, Elliot Beken, who competed in last year’s WorldSkills heats and hopes to go one better this year, explained just how high the standard is:

“We’re all putting the hours in. Last year the finalists both completed their task perfectly; it just came down to time in the end – who was the quickest."

Matt Boddy, also working on the National Diploma whilst preparing for the WorldSkills heats, spoke about work the students are undertaking:

“We are trying to cram in as much as possible at the moment. It’s hard work but we’re all learning so much from putting the extra time in.”

The students will be asked to complete a variety of tasks relevant to their vocational skills area, under pressure, with the winners of the live heat invited to compete in the UK final in July. The finalists may then be considered for inclusion in a shortlist for the team to represent the UK at the WorldSkills London Olympics in October 2011.

The dates for live heats and final of the competition are:

Regional heats: 16th, 23 April 2010

National final: 2nd - 3rd July 2010

WorldSkills Computing and Cisco

About WorldSkills

WorldSkills is an international not-for-profit membership organisation comprising of 52 member countries/regions dedicated to raising the status and standards of vocational education and training worldwide. Its flagship programme is the biennial WorldSkills Competition.

The WorldSkills Competition takes place in a different country every two years and brings together over 1000 young people from across the globe to compete in skills ranging from welding to web design. The Competitors pitch their skills against the best of the best and compete for gold, silver and bronze medals.

WorldSkills is the largest vocational skills competition in the world and attracts thousands of visitors such as schools, colleges and training providers, government representatives, employers and teachers. For all the young people who take part it is an invaluable, unique learning experience and for the visitor it provides information, knowledge and inspiration.

The first WorldSkills Competition was developed in Spain in 1950, as a way to convince young people, parents, teachers and prospective employers that their future depended on an effective vocational training system. The simple, but brilliant idea of watching skilled people at their workstations proved to be a great success and WorldSkills has come to symbolise excellence in skills development and delivery.

Today, being selected to compete in a WorldSkills Competition is a source of great pride and honour. In spite of language barriers, the experience has a lasting personal and professional impact on all of the participants. The competitions not only rank Member nations and award medals, but also aim to enhance and promote vocational training systems worldwide.

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