Nescot joins worldwide roaming access service Eduroam

Feb 16, 2016

Nescot joins worldwide roaming access service Eduroam

Nescot has joined a growing international education network to offer free wireless connection for students, staff and visitors.

Eduroam is a secure world-wide roaming access service which enables people to access the internet in participating campuses in countries from Argentina to Zambia using their usual college log in details.

“Our students and staff will benefit greatly from Nescot joining Eduroam,” said Sylvia Lovina Chidi, Director of IT Services.

“The service makes it even easier for our staff and students to access the internet when at Nescot, as well as knowing they can connect easily and securely in countries across the world.”

At Nescot, staff, students and visitors from campuses signed up to Eduroam can use the service to access the internet by using their usual username and password.

Other visitors, including from campuses that do not use Eduroam, can continue to access the internet by using Nescot_Guest, and college staff can continue to use Staff_Zone.

College staff can also connect to the internet at a participating campuses across the world by using the log in details they would use at Nescot.

Campuses in 76 territories across the world are using Eduroam, including colleges and universities in the United States, France, Germany, Hong Kong, China, Canada, The Netherlands, South Africa and the UAE.

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