Is Nescot open? What to do when it's snowing

Feb 26, 2018

Is Nescot open? What to do when it's snowing

Staff at Nescot will try to keep the college open through periods of bad weather, in order to make sure that students are still able to access their classes, Nescot’s facilities, and any support they need.

When bad weather is forecast or snow falls, the caretaking team will clear any accumulations of snow and grit paths around the campus, and try to keep the car park clear and the buildings warm.

Senior managers will make sure that they make decisions quickly regarding whether the college will remain open, and they will communicate clearly so that students and staff understand the situation.

However, conditions can change quickly, and forecasters warn that the timing and amount of snow and ice can prove difficult to predict.

“We will always try to keep the college open during bad weather, because we don’t want our students to have to miss their lessons or any extra support,” said Frances Rutter, CEO and Principal at Nescot.

“However, the safety of our students, staff and visitors is our first priority. If we feel that we can’t keep the campus clear of snow and ice, or that travel conditions are dangerous, we will close the college.

“We will communicate any decision to close as quickly as possible, and we’re grateful to everyone for their understanding.”

Anyone visiting Nescot is asked to check the main college website before setting off. Staff should also monitor their emails, and students are asked to look at their Nescomms account.

Students and staff are reminded to take extra care when travelling, to check conditions before they set off, and to allow extra time for their journeys.

You can read the latest Met Office forecast here, and BBC Weather’s latest forecast here. Advice on how to drive safely in poor weather conditions can be found here.

How do I find out whether Nescot is open?

The main college website will be updated first if the college is due to be closed. On days when snow is forecast, the website will be updated constantly throughout the day, with a timestamped message.

The college’s Facebook and Twitter accounts will also be updated, together with the relevant cross-college systems.

  • Students: As well as checking the website, students can look at Nescomms for the latest information. Teachers may also send you a separate subject-specific message to give you information about your course, such as work you should be doing at home. If snow is forecast, try to plan ahead by making sure you have what you need to study at home. If college is open, you must attend. If you do not attend when college is open this will be counted as an unauthorised absence.
  • Staff: As well as checking the website, staff should check their emails. If the college is to be closed this will be confirmed by email to all staff.
  • Parents of children at Nestots: Parents should check the college website in the morning before setting off. Parents should also leave extra time to get back to the college in the evening, in order to ensure that their child or children are picked up safely and that staff can make their way home.
  • Visitors: People accessing the college as visitors, for example to use Innovation, the Le Raj Academy, the Osteopathy clinic or sports facilities, should check the college website before travelling.

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