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Nescot's second-year Level 3 Media students are fundraising to produce two short films for their final major projects.

One group is working on Quiet Please, described as a crime caper about a exam paper heist gone wrong, while the other is working on Twisted, a paranormal thrilled written by former Nescot student Conor Powell.

The groups are aiming to raise a combined total of £1,000, which will mean they can pay for filming locations, cover the cost of transport, and be able to buy props and costumes.

"The reason this campaign is so important to us is because it gives experience and employment opportunities to so many young people," said the students, writing on their fundraising page.

"This isn't just our film-making students but also actors, VFX designers and music composers. Not raising enough money could mean we are not able to include vital props and costumes, and may even have to remove scenes, which could affect the overall quality of the films."

Donations can be made via the groups' Indiegogo page. A donation of £5 will buy a credit at the end of the films, £25 will get an 'executive producer' credit, and £50 will get an 'executive producer' credit and an invitation to the BAFTA screening of both films.

"The final major project is a great opportunity for the students to put all the skills they've learnt during the course to use in one project, which really helps them prepare for university or their first job," said Louise Gaskin, Team Manager for Media.

"All the students are assigned a role, like on a real-life production, and as well as getting to improve their technical skills in filming, sound or lighting, for example, they also get experience of working on finance or project management, and working with external experts such as musicians.

"In addition, every student is also working on their soft skills, like communication and time management. The whole project is a great experience for our students, and helps them stand out in the future, whichever career they decide to pursue."