Foundations of Success event hosted at Nescot

Mar 05, 2019

Foundations of Success event hosted at Nescot

Nescot hosted a development event on Friday (March 1) aimed at helping leaders to be more effective and productive.

Nick Howes from LMI led the delegates through the popular Foundations of Success workshop, talking about the organisation’s ‘Four Foundations’ as well as giving some practical suggestions.

“We’ve had very positive feedback from those who attended, and I’m glad they found the event so useful,” he said.

“The diversity of the experience in the room added tremendously to the value of the workshop. Five local charities were represented, as well as six local and national businesses.”

LMI describes the Foundations of Success workshop as a way of sharing ideas and practical tools to help leaders and their teams.

Concepts that were discussed include setting goals, prioritising effectively and improving communication, as well as specific tips such as turning off alerts for incoming emails.

Nescot works closely with LMI to deliver the Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor and the Level 5 Operations/Department Manager apprenticeships, which are run in-house and as open programmes.

Apprenticeships can provide a structured and cost-effective way of upskilling staff at organisations. To find out more, contact the Employer Hub by calling 020 8394 3051 or emailing

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