Computing students' quiz for MS Society

Mar 15, 2019

Computing students' quiz for MS Society

Nescot’s Computing students are arranging a quiz night at the college to raise money for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

The second-year Level 3 students all pitched ideas of what to do for their project unit, with other concepts including making a film or video game, and then voted on the best idea.

Each student has been nominated or voted into a role, with jobs ranging from the two leaders to the team putting the quiz questions together, and they’re working closely ahead of the event on May 16.

“This is a great unit to end their course on, because it combines so many of the skills that the students will need in their careers,” said Computing section leader Josh Harris.

“It gives the students the opportunity to try out practical skills which sit on the periphery of computing, like design work, as well as personal skills like leadership, self-confidence and planning.

“The project is aimed at pushing them slightly out of their comfort zones and challenging them to learn new skills, but they’re very able students and I am absolutely sure it’s going to be an awesome quiz.”

Students Sadie and Alex have been nominated to run the project, and said they’ve created a project plan to make sure progress stays on track.

Sadie, who went to Cheam High School before joining Nescot and is considering doing an apprenticeship or applying to the police next year, said she is enjoying the unit so far.

She added: “At first, organising a quiz seemed quite different from the sort of thing we usually do in Computing, but actually we’re using a lot of the same techniques, like planning and problem-solving.”

Alex, who went to St Cecila’s in Southfields and is going to Portsmouth University to do Software Engineering, said the class is working well as a team.

“Everyone has a specific task, and then we work together to make sure everything is covered,” he added. “I’m enjoying it so far, and we’re all happy to be raising money for charity.”

The quiz will be held at Nescot from 6.30pm to 8pm on May 16. There will be 40 questions, with topics including film and television, geography, music, and sport, and prizes for first, second and third place.

Participants can enter individually or as part of a team, and tickets are £3. Food will be available to purchase on the night, and tickets can be ordered by emailing Josh Harris.

Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological condition. Symptoms vary, depending on which parts of the brain and spinal cord are affected, but can include pins and needles, fatigue and difficulties with balance.

The MS Society funds research into treatment and provides information and support for people living with the condition and their families and carers.

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