Reducing Carbon Footprint at Nescot with EDF...

Sep 20, 2019

Reducing Carbon Footprint at Nescot with EDF...

Nescot features in a video for EDF's new live energy monitoring technology, PowerNow. This new technology helps Nescot to both reduce costs and their carbon footprint. See the video below:

About PowerNow:

EDF Energy partnered with MeasureMyEnergy (MME) to launch PowerNow, a new solution that measures live data across a business’s entire estate to identify where energy is being consumed and potential savings.

The technology uses a cloud-based analytics platform that gives customers an itemised view of their energy consumption and spends across different sites, office floors, factory zones, and even specific lighting or heating circuits. This provides complete transparency on where and when energy is being used and can show return on investment through accurate measurement.

In addition, PowerNow can also act as an alert system to inform businesses if equipment starts using more energy than it should. This can be a sign of a maintenance issue and when this happens PowerNow can act as an early warning system before a full breakdown.

Nescot is using this new product as part of its ongoing drive to be energy efficient.

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