There's still time to get on course with Nescot - information on enrolling

A new survey by research group J2 Research shows that Nescot performs better when it comes to students getting jobs after their college education. 9.6% more students are likely to be in paid employment (for 16 hrs per week or more), after finishing their 16-18 full time courses, than the average across their researched Further Education sector.

So this means there’s a greater chance you’ll get a paid job when you finish your course at Nescot, compared to other colleges in the survey. These figures relate to what those students finishing their courses in 2018 are doing now.

The staff at Nescot were very pleased to hear these results and with excellent student enrolment numbers this year (the highest growth for several years) we’ll be trying to help even more young people into their chosen careers. If you are thinking about coming to Nescot next year we have Open Events on Weds 15th Jan and Weds 20th May. Click here to register for these events.