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5 current and former Nescot students are among just 12 from across the UK to be competing in an major international competition held by IT giants Huawei.

The networking-based competition includes 54 teams from around the world and takes place virtually on Friday 6 November. Results are due the following week.

The Nescot competitors are split between two teams. One includes Isaac George (a Nescot alumnus, currently studying at Royal Holloway, University of London) and current Nescot first-year Lucy Raymondu, alongside Sam Miller from Glasgow Caledonian University. Another team is made up entirely of current Nescot second-years, Thomas Holmes, Yordan Ivanov and Ricardo Silva (pictured during a practice session earlier in the week).

To qualify for the competition, all the students have to show their IT skills are of a high standard and complete an application process with Huawei experts. Congratulations to all the students for being accepted and the best of luck to everyone!