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Actor Gary Grant running new course at Nescot

Gary Grant, one of our performing arts lecturers, is running a part-time class in Screen Acting early in the new year. As well as teaching at Nescot, Gary recently played a major role in ’I Made This For You’, which is now on More4, and was a supporting lead in the Netflix Top 10 film ‘Enemy Lines’. Gary’s been teaching here for over 2 years, delivering courses and masterclasses in between filming commitments.

“As a professional actor, it’s great to be able to pass on all of the things that I would have wanted to learn when I was starting out.” says Gary. “I approach the sessions from a 'real world' position, so I know that students aiming to build a career in this game have a head start.”

Gary’s classes rely on participation and an exchange of creative ideas, and working with students helps him develop techniques to get the best out of both actors and behind-scenes crew. He explains, “When I'm directing, casting and working with actors, my sessions with Nescot students have certainly been useful in terms of developing and improving performances. I've also been in the fortunate position to hire four Nescot students to work on feature films, two as cast members and two as crew.”

With such experiences on offer, Gary’s new course is certain to be in high demand. Find out more about our part-time performing arts courses here