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GCSE November 2022 Access to Scripts

It is recommended that ALL STUDENTS WHO DID NOT ACHIEVE A GRADE 4 - request a copy of their GCSE paper/script to identify areas for improvement. Papers can be returned directly to students or used in class to inform teaching and learning.

Access to papers is FREE OF CHARGE but students need to request it.

The deadline for requesting papers to inform a review of marking is: 23rd January

The deadline for requesting papers to inform areas for improvement is 13th February

Paper Review of Marking

Students who have received a Grade 3 may wish to consider having their paper reviewed. Seek the advice of your maths/English teacher before making this request.

The cost of having one of your exam papers remarked is £39.00 for English and £43.00 for maths. Therefore, for both English papers the cost will be £78.00 and for all three GCSE maths papers the cost is £129.00 You may not need to have all papers reviewed. Please note: your final grade may be lower, may stay the same or may be higher than the original grade received.

  • Click here to request an English paper review of marking
  • Click here to request a maths paper review of marking

The deadline for requesting a review of marking is: 13th February

Students can contact the Nescot exams office via email