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Nescot’s Art and Digital Design students displayed an eclectic mix of artwork at their recent end of year exhibition at the college. They welcomed family, friends and college staff to a private viewing (13.06.24) with the viewing open to the public the following week.

Students from all levels, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, studying on our University of Arts London Awarding Body qualifications, exhibited their creations. These ranged from sculpture, lettering and illustration to digital art, fine art and fashion.

Sarah Morgan, Art and Digital Design lecturer at Nescot said, “We are so proud of how far our students have come. Their end of year exhibition was very well received and showcased the diversity and quality of our student’s work which is to a high standard. Thanks to the entire teaching team who are an integral part of the show. We wish all our students the very best for their future endeavours.”

Fraser, Level 3 Extended Diploma student, won the Best in Show Award for his project titled ‘Electric Eye Tattoo Shop’. He created a set of signs for a fictional tattoo parlour using the art form of pinstriping and lettering. Fraser said, “Signwriting and pinstriping have always been used in advertising. It is a dying art form as it involves bespoke hand painted signs. I decided to play to the strengths of the artform and took my inspiration from a tattoo shop in Camden that had a brilliant colour scheme.”

He added, “Winning this award is an acknowledgement of my hard work and the best highlight of my time at Nescot. My tutors have been very supportive and the learning and guidance I’ve received has given me the foundation for what I plan to do next.”

Toby’s creation titled ‘PoW 81A Judy’ won the Assistant Principal’s Award. A Level 3 Extended Diploma student, Toby took inspiration from the Warhorse puppet to create Judy, a Royal Navy dog who was a Japanese PoW during WW2. “Judy, the English pointer, was one of the only documented animals in WW2 as a PoW. She stood out to me because of her resilience, perseverance and determination. It’s the first time I’ve created a puppet and the course has guided me with thinking outside the box, how to be resourceful and even limit material waste,” said Toby.

Toby added, “I joined Nescot in Level 2 and have now completed my Level 3. My time at the college has helped me with my planning and problem-solving skills. My tutors have been amazing and deserve gold stars all round!”

Level 3 Year 1 student, Alfie, received recognition for this work titled, ‘The Greenery of Croydon’ which showed commercial potential.

The Art and Digital Design end of year exhibition is a showcase of final projects in students’ areas of specialisation. This year, Level 1 based their work on the theme of ‘Structure’, Level 2 used the theme of ‘Out of Place’, Level 3, Year 1 worked with the theme of ‘Civilisation’ and Year 2 identified their own themes for their respective projects.

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News item image: Art and Digital Design student, Toby, is pictured with the creation, ‘PoW 81A Judy’ along with Kathryn Stephen, Assistant Principal Curriculum,

News story image on this page: Art and Digital Design student Fraser is pictured with the creation, ‘Electric Eye Tattoo Shop’ along with Julie Kapsalis, Principal and CEO.