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Nescot’s Bricklaying students have received a donation of almost 10,000 premium bricks from one of Britain’s leading suppliers.

Michelmersh has given 9,600 bricks, worth more than £10,000, to the college as a way of supporting the next generation of talented school leavers and adult students.

“We’re really grateful to Michelmersh for this kind donation, and it will make a lot of difference to our students,” said Jim Murphy, Head of Construction at Nescot.

“This donation means that our students will be training using the same high-quality materials that they will be using in their future careers.”

Michelmersh launched its Pledge 100 initiative in 2020, aiming to donate 100,000 bricks each year to colleges as a way of supporting and encouraging future bricklayers.

The company also supplies free learning resources and seminars as well as offering factory visits to colleges around the UK.

Nescot offers a range of Construction qualifications, including Level 1 and Level 2 in Bricklaying for school leavers and adults, as well as a part-time Level 3 course. For more information click here.