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Nescot’s Carpentry and Joinery students have come to the rescue of a business in Epsom, building two new picnic benches to replace one that was destroyed by vandals.

When tutor Johny Brett heard that the mobile Full Monty food stand, based on Kiln Lane, had been targeted, he immediately offered to help.

Bilal Barioglu, owner of the stand, paid for the raw materials, and Level 2 students started work on Monday (September 12) and are hoping to deliver the benches by Friday.

“The students have really enjoyed making the benches,” said Johny. “They’ve used a lot of the technical skills they learnt on Level 1, and it’s been a really motivating task for them.”

Level 2 student Curtis was involved in making the benches, and he was also part of the team of students who made planters for Banstead Village in Bloom last year.

“My favourite projects are when we work on orders for people or companies,” he said. “It’s rewarding to make something that’s going to be used, and it’s good experience, too.”

The students worked together to follow a plan made by workshop manager Paul Martin. They measured the wood, cut it using a chop saw, fabricated the benches, and next they will stain them.

“Work experience is a very important part of the qualifications we offer here at Nescot,” said Jim Murphy, Head of Construction.

“We want to make sure that our students are ready to work in the industry, and that includes skills like attention to detail, teamwork and communication, as well as their technical knowledge.

“Projects like this are ideal for our students, because they offer the opportunity to bring those skills together as well as motivating the students by working on a ‘real’ order for a genuine local business.”

Bilal Barioglu, who owns The Full Monty, praised the students and the teaching staff for their help and support.

“I’m really thankful to Nescot,” he said. “It will be nice to offer our customers somewhere comfortable to sit down to enjoy their food.”

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