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Nescot’s newest Electrical students have been putting up scaffolding towers as they learn about health and safety in the workplace.

The Level 2 students had a briefing about manual handling and the law about working at height, and then they worked in teams to assemble the tower and ladder safely.

The lesson was aimed at empowering the students to recognise what a safe scaffolding tower looks and feels like, as well as giving them the opportunity to briefly experience working at height.

"We could teach these new skills in a classroom, but we choose to offer practical, hands-on activities outside because we know our students learn better that way," said Neil McDonnell, Head of Electrical.

"Our teachers are all qualified electricians, so as well as teaching the students the relevant legislation they are able to help them to understand how the regulations really apply in the workplace.

"This is an example of the 'rule of law', which is a British and a Nescot value, which is something students across the college learn about in a way which is relevant to their qualification and their personal and professional development. 

"As electricians we aim to reduce risk by avoiding working from height where we can, but also we need the skills and knowledge to work safely from height if it isn’t possible to avoid it."

Charlie Brown, who has just joined the Level 2 Electrical course from Oaks Park High School, said he enjoyed putting up the scaffolding.

"I’ve never done it before, so I learnt a lot about how to pick up the poles properly and how to put the clips together and make sure that they’re safe," he said.

"It’s definitely a better way to learn than reading it from a book, and it all made a lot more sense."

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