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Nescot’s Foundation Learning students are holding a unique art exhibition at the college’s summer fair this weekend.

Students on a range of courses run by the department are showing their art and digital design work, demonstrating different techniques and a variety of inspiration.

Some students have used digital tools and worked on computers to make their art, while others used ink and even coffee in their creations.

“It’s amazing to see the exhibition taking shape, and the students are rightly proud of what they’ve achieved,” said art lecturer Isabelle Farina Davies.

“The students have worked hard and learnt a lot, and it’s been wonderful to see them expressing themselves in different ways.”

Entry Level 1 students were inspired by Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, using watercolours and ready-mixed paint to create their own pieces which joined to make a two metre-wide piece.

Students in the two Entry Level 2 classes worked on the concept of ‘inside/outside’, using ink to create a mark-making mood board and cutting out their favourite section to juxtapose with a self-portrait.

The Employability group were inspired by Picasso, cutting out different facial features to create work in the style of the Spanish artist.

The three Entry Level 3 Further Education groups researched the work of French artist Sonia Delaunay and used textile techniques to make their own square artworks in her style.

Digital Design students on the Entry Level 3 course took photos of lettering and logos around the college and then used tools including PhotoShop and Canva to create their collage-style artwork.

Finally, students on the Prince’s Trust pathway created their own pattern paper by staining with paper and folding to make symmetrical patterns.

Nescot’s summer fair is open from 10am until 2pm on Saturday this week (June 18). It’s free to enter, and there will be a dog show and more than 40 stalls. For more information, and to register, click here. 

You can read more about Foundation Learning on our website here.