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The National Student Survey (NSS) 2023 results have once again shown a high standard of student satisfaction for Nescot’s Higher Education courses. This is a national survey with all full time undergraduates in their final year of study at all universities and providers of higher education, such as Nescot.
This year one key change to note is that overall satisfaction is no longer an indicator. The features are also part of the indicators for Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) which uses these as a means of measuring performance against a nationally set judgement by the OfS (Office for Students).

We are really pleased to announce that student satisfaction rates were well above the sector averages (including all UK higher education providers) for each of the features:
• Teaching on my course (89%)
• Learning opportunities (86%)
• Academic Support (92%)
• Learning Resources (90%)
• Student Voice (84%)
We were particularly pleased with our result for academic support which was 9%pts above the NSS sector average.

We will be continuing to promote smooth organisation and management of our programmes as we are well aware of the influence that these features have on the overall student experience. We will also be taking a different approach to promoting our wellbeing services to ensure that students are fully aware of these.

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