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Nescot’s Sport and Uniformed Public Services students enjoyed a week-long trip to an adventure centre in Devon in March.

A group of more than 50 students travelled to Skern Lodge in Bideford, taking part in activities from surfing to rock climbing, returning to college on March 3.

The trip is aiming at helping students to develop the specific skills they need for their course, as well as improving their core skills in teamwork, communication, self-confidence and motivation.

The trip also provides useful practical experience for students interested in careers including outdoor adventure instruction, personal training, and the armed forces.

First-year Level 3 Sports student Klaudia, who is aiming to be a physiotherapist in the future, said she had ‘got a lot out of’ the trip.

“We did different activities each day, and then in the evenings we had workbooks to reflect on what we’d experienced and how the skills or knowledge apply to our course,” she said.

“I wasn’t sure about what to expect from the trip, and it was harder work than I expected, but I really enjoyed it.”

The students took part in kayaking in a pool and in a river, surfing, orienteering, hiking, rock climbing and an assault course.

Sports students focussed on how to plan, assess, support and instruct the activities safely, and applied their experience to biomechanics, personal training, coaching and teaching.

Uniformed Public Services students considered how to plan expeditions, including considering the equipment they would need, and how to work out when it was appropriate to push themselves physically.

“The trip is physically and mentally challenging for our students, but they learn a lot from it,” said Matt Lavallin, Head of Sport, Public Services and Travel and Tourism.

“The activities can sometimes push them out of their comfort zone, but each year we have students who try new things and learn that they’re more capable than they thought they were.

“The experience of overcoming physical and mental challenges is something they can draw on in the future, at college, in the workplace and in their personal lives.

“The teaching team worked really hard to support the students throughout the week, and to keep reflecting on how the skills they were learning can be applied to their course and their careers.”

Nescot offers Sports qualifications at Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and at university-level, with students able to specialise in exercise science or development, coaching and fitness.

The college also offers Uniformed Public Services qualifications at Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and at university-level.