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Student-led business team, Just Fresh, were selected to showcase their product and branding at the recently held Peter Jones Charity Golf fundraiser (24.04.24) at Foxhills Country Golf Club in Surrey.

The team of second year students, Chloe, Sacha, Paul, Em and Cebrina who are completing their Level 3 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship qualification are taking part in the Tycoon Enterprise competition run by the Peter Jones Foundation. Their business idea, Just Fresh, offers a unique approach to car air fresheners.

Sacha said, “Our business idea focuses on using car air fresheners safely. Rather than hanging them which can be a distraction when driving, our air fresheners have suction cups that can be attached making them safe and versatile.”

Chloe commented, “The Charity Golf event was a good learning experience. It was very inspirational speaking to other entrepreneurs including Jevean Barryclough, the Peter Jones Foundation’s National Entrepreneur of the Year. We have received plenty of useful feedback and insights.”

“Peter Jones really liked the business idea, he told us to keep going and even bought some of our car fresheners. It was a great experience attending the event, we received valuable advice and guidance for our product and marketing material,” added Sacha.

The students said that running a business has been eye opening and has enabled them to practically apply their learning and even use problem solving skills. They are better informed, providing them with context to their class-based learning for topics such as marketing, pricing and strategy.

Jane Purkiss, Business tutor at Nescot said, “Running a stall at the Peter Jones Foundation Charity Golf Fundraiser was a fantastic experience for our students. Their business idea was applauded and they sold quite a lot of their product too. It was an excellent networking opportunity and offered them the chance to showcase their entrepreneurial skills.”

Just Fresh along with five other student-led business teams from Nescot are participating in the UK wide Tycoon Enterprise competition. Each team has their own company and product. They received a start-up loan after submitting their business plans and had to sell their products within six weeks. The top groups are then entered into the final of the competition.

The Peter Jones Foundation Charity Golf Fundraiser brings together celebrities, high profile business leaders and golf lovers; supporting the vital work of the Foundation in providing young people and disadvantaged groups with enterprise skills that encourage, educate, and empower.

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