Nescot GCSE students - the next exam is English (paper 1) on Thurs 23 May. For all info please click here

Nescot students who are waiting for results can find them on Nescomms on the dates below. 

  • August 18: Results will be available on this day for Level 3 qualifications that are required for university. This includes Level 3 Diplomas and Extended Diplomas for UAL, BTEC, AIM Awards, NCFE/Cache and City and Guilds Technicals. Please note that if you are in the first year of a two-year qualification your results may not be published. 
  • August 25: Results will be available on this day for Level 1 and 2 qualifications. This includes UAL, BTEC and City and Guilds Technicals, and GCSE English and Maths. 

The Exams department will send out certificates as soon as the college receives them. For the qualifications above this will be in the autumn term. 

Post-results service

Results for level 2 courses will be available on Nescomms and Proportal from 08:30 on Thursday 25th August. To see your results on ProPortal you need to ensure that the academic year at the top of the screen is changed to 21/22 and not 22/23. If you would prefer you can also come in to the college to collect your results in person from 08:30 - 12:00. Results can be collected from the Exams office (N110).

Certificates from the summer series will be sent out by the college once we have received them from the awarding bodies. Please let the Exams Office know if your address has changed. 

Students who are considering asking for a marking review should contact their tutor first. You will need to pay for a review of marking and/or access to scripts on the college online store by clicking here.

For any questions, please contact the Exams Office by emailing

Post Results Service: GCSE

It is recommended that ALL STUDENTS who do not achieve a Grade 4, request a copy of their GCSE paper/script to identify areas for improvement. Access to papers is FREE OF CHARGE but students need to request it via the shop.

1) Access to Script – to support reviews of marking - Deadline: 5 September

This is the quickest way to get a copy of your script back. The copies will be sent back to you to enable you to request a review of marking if required. Where an Awarding Organisation supplies the requested script electronically, the Exams Office will send the document to the candidate’s College email account.

GCSE English: Click here

GCSE Maths: Click here

Once you have reviewed your script with your teacher, you may wish to apply for one of the following:

1a Review of Marking - Deadline: 26 September

If you wish to apply for a review of marking, please contact your subject teacher for advice before completing this form.

GCSE English: Click here

GCSE Maths: Click here

1b Clerical Check - Deadline: 26 September

The script is not reviewed but it is checked to ensure all parts have been marked and the marks have been added up correctly.

GCSE English: Click here

GCSE Maths: Click here

2) Access to Script to identify areas for improvement - Original Script - Deadline: 26 September

You must not ask for your Original Script to be returned to you if you think you may make any kind of appeal about your results. It is recommended that students resitting their GCSE exam in November request their script here.

GCSE English: Click here

GCSE Maths: Click here

3) Priority Review of Marking – EDEXCEL ONLY Deadline: 5  September

Please contact your Tutor for advice first.

GCSE Maths: Click here