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Students from Foundation Learning held a Seasons Café event today (Tuesday) to mark World Down Syndrome Day.

Learners on the Entry Level 2 Further Education Pathway course decorated the area with odd socks, and sold goods ranging from cheese and courgette muffins and rainbow pizza to raisin cookies and double chocolate chip cupcakes.

“The students worked hard to prepare the food for sale, and they had fun doing it,” said sessional lecturer Julie Bundhoo.

“We hope that we can raise lots of money, as well as providing the opportunity for people to learn more about Down Syndrome and to talk about their experiences.”

Student Thea, who has Down Syndrome, said she had particularly enjoyed making the Victoria sponge cake.

“I like doing the café,” she added. “We learn how to make lots of different food, but the best part is making the cakes.”

Seasons Café is run by young people in Foundation Learning, which is a department which offers courses for people with learning difficulties, or who left school with few formal qualifications.

The café helps students to develop a range of skills, from improving their maths by measuring ingredients and calculating change, to improving their social skills and self-confidence as well as their employability. 

Seasons is open on Mondays from 12.15pm until 1.15pm, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10.15am until 11am. Items on sale include hot lunch options, savoury snacks and sweet treats.

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated each year on March 21 – chosen to mark the three copies of the twenty-first chromosome, which causes Down Syndrome.

The day is aimed at raising awareness of Down Syndrome, and to provide support for people affected by it. The theme for this year is ‘With us, not for us’.

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition which results in a profile which typically includes intellectual and physical disability and other medical issues.