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Nescot College is proud to be a host employer for three Supported Interns in our Facilities and Estates department.

The Interns’ responsibilities include maintaining a courtyard garden on the campus, called The Quadrant. Wanting to make the Quadrant more colourful, interns Adam, Jake and Jamie came up with the idea of a ‘Spectrum of Colour’ pebble garden, inspired by ideas from the Islastones Foundation. The Interns then encouraged students to get involved by painting, illustrating or writing a message on a pebble to make a colourful contribution to the garden.

The project has now been running for a few weeks and the garden has over 30 painted stones created by students in various courses.

College Principal Frances Rutter commented: “The Quadrant garden now looks better – and more colourful – than ever!”

The interns have all written about the project:

Adam: “I am very proud of what we achieved. We started our project with just an idea, it has turned in to something really special and I am happy that students in the college got so much out of doing it.”

Jake: “I think the project looks very colourful, thus achieving our goal of creating a Spectrum of Colour in The Quadrant.”

Jamie: “I have enjoyed doing all parts of the project, from creating a stencil, painting rocks, laying them all out and getting other students involved.”

The team have also collected comments from the students who have created their own pebbles:

“Art is a unique way of expressing yourself when you can’t find the words”; “Painting pebbles is…relaxing, helps stress and makes me calm”; “We can personalise our own designs, and it feels like the whole college is involved”; “We’re leaving our memories in the college.”

Further information

  • Supported internships are similar to Apprenticeships and are for young adults aged 16-24 with an Education Health and Care plan (EHCP). They provide training in a ‘real job’ context, helping the interns towards sustainable paid employment.
  • If your company or organisation is interested in becoming a host employer for our Supported Internship Programme, for further information please email