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A group of Level 3 Year 1 Travel and Tourism students from Nescot recently visited Newmarket Holidays for a workplace ‘discovery day’ at their head office in Wallington in Surrey.

Students were given an introduction to Newmarket Holidays and had to recommend products and services for different customers as part of their coursework. They were also able to draw on expertise from staff in various roles at the organisation who spoke to students during the course of the day.

Jemma Brodie, Travel and Tourism tutor at Nescot said, “A huge thank you to Newmarket Holidays for inviting our students to take part in the ‘discovery day’. The chance to learn from industry experts about their journey and careers within the travel industry was an invaluable experience for them.”

Newmarket Holidays has expanded its work experience offer in partnership with Nescot’s Travel and Tourism curriculum leaders.

In addition to students having the opportunity to apply to join Newmarket Holidays' Lapland Day Trips to learn about product operations and engage with customers, they now benefit from the chance to complete day-release work experience placements in the head office. This offers the students a comprehensive understanding of the organisation's daily operations in the travel and tourism industry.

Tutor, Jennifer Fasad, added, “The collaboration with Newmarket Holidays has been greatly beneficial to our students and staff. Our students have benefitted from varied work experience placements with them such as customer service, sales, yield, HR, finance, commercial and marketing including their Lapland Santa Experience Day trip.

“Staff have also had the opportunity to take part in a training day learning about tours and products offered and travel industry trends.”

Newmarket Holidays offers internships, apprenticeships and mentoring in partnership with local institutions including Nescot.

Nikki Bail, Head of People and Culture at Newmarket Holidays, said: “Through partnering with local institutions, as well as running internship and placement programmes across different teams within our head office, we can nurture future travel talent by equipping young people with the essential skills required.

“As a result, we benefit from their fresh ideas, perspectives, and enthusiasm, and in the long run, ideally, retain them permanently within the business.”

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