Student Profile

Christopher - Level 1 Plastering

Oct 15, 2015

Christopher - Level 1 Plastering

I’ve always been around plastering and I always knew I wanted to do it in the future. Plastering is a non-DIY trade, which means it’s something people tend to pay a tradesperson to do rather than attempting themselves. That’s part of the reason I think it’s a good trade to have, because the work and jobs are quite constant.

 The course has been really good this year, I’m really enjoying it. The teaching is good - they make sure we all understand the techniques, and it’s really focussed on being able to do the job, rather than just learning about it. It’s hard, but once you get your head round it then it makes sense. The facilities are really good - much better than I’ve seen elsewhere. You do get dirty doing plastering, but doing a hands-on course at college means you have an understanding of what the job will actually be like and whether it’s right for you. I like being able to look at a wall at the end and see what I’ve done, and the progress you’ve made through the course.

 As an apprentice, I get a lot of support from the college. I’m in touch with the apprenticeship team a lot; they keep me up-to-date on my progress and I know they will help if I have any questions. I want to learn brickwork in the future, too. That will make me more employable, and also help me understand better how the two trades fit together onsite.