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Elijah - Level 3 Year 2 Computing

Oct 15, 2015

Elijah - Level 3 Year 2 Computing

I want to be a hardware engineer, so I looked around at computing courses. Nescot has a really good reputation, and I liked the idea of doing a hands-on course and focussing on one subject.

I really like the extra qualifications we do, like the Cisco IT Essentials. It helps you understand things like how a computer works and how to put it together. It’s optional, but I think it’s really useful because it makes you understand everything else better. Those extra qualifications are really good to have on your CV too, to help you stand out. My favourite unit has probably been learning about managing networks, which I found really interesting. I studied IT at GCSE so I came to the course at a good level, but the teachers were really good at getting everyone up to speed at the start of the course even if they hadn’t really done IT before.

There’s definitely an emphasis on becoming self-sufficient. When you have a project to do, the teaching staff are there if you need them, and if you ask then they’ll make time to help you understand things. But it’s up to you to do the work and to get things in on time. It was definitely a change from school, but I think it’s a really good way to do things.

The teachers here are friendly and they treat you like adults. They’re really knowledgeable and they have a lot of experience. They’re patient, but they push everyone to work hard and to get the most they can out of the course. I’m staying here next year to do the HND course.