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Gareth - Level 3 Year 2 Business

Oct 15, 2015

Gareth - Level 3 Year 2 Business

I decided to do a BTEC in Business because it opens a lot of doors for your career, and I liked that you get to study one subject in a lot of depth. I researched my options and I visited a lot of colleges, but Nescot stood out because the course sounded really interesting and the college looked good.

This year I’ve enjoyed learning the basics about business, but especially the emphasis on real-life examples, because it helps us understand the principles. You don’t really realise how much the concepts of business dictate what goes on around you. At the moment we’re creating a small business, and we’re thinking about everything from our products or services to our business strategy, our human resources needs and the health and safety implications of our plans. I know that next year one of the units is organising a business event, where we all work together in a big team. I’m looking forward to that one.

I like the Learning Resources Centre too - you can always get a computer, there’s a really good range of resources and the staff are really helpful. I like that the Business team and the college as a whole put a lot of emphasis on work experience. On our course it’s compulsory, and I did a placement in marketing and finance, which also helped me think about my career plans.

In the future I want to go to university, maybe to study Business with Accounting or Finance. As well as my BTEC I’m doing an A-Level in Maths, which I hope will help me to stand out. I think BTECs are a better foundation for university than A-Levels, because you’re already used to the environment of taking responsibility, and thinking and working for yourself. At Nescot we’re encouraged to work independently, to go and find things out, learn and experience things, and then come back and talk about them. I think that’s better than just being spoon-fed something in the first place, because it’s more useful for the future and it helps you understand it more.