Student Profile

Leigh - Level 3 Year 2 Animal Studies

Oct 15, 2015

Leigh - Level 3 Year 2 Animal Studies

I went to school at Blossom House, which specialises in working with pupils who have communication difficulties. It was an amazing school and it got me to a place where I felt ready to come to college, but I still had some anxiety issues. I wasn’t sure what kind of career I wanted, but I have always had a passion for caring for animals. I found Nescot’s Animal Studies courses, and I came to have a look around. I felt reassured by the support they give their students, so I decided to start on a Level 1 course. By the end of it I felt ready to do something more challenging, and the tutors told me I could go straight to Level 3.

We have an amazing farm here, which has just been moved across the campus. We have so many animals we can take care of, from farm animals like sheep and pigs to small mammals and reptiles, and some quite unusual species too. We also have a rehoming cattery, which we run in association with the Blue Cross, and I volunteer there too. It feels special because you’re involved in helping change that cat’s life. We’re lucky to be able to get experience with so many different animals, and it looks great on our CVs.

My favourite units were animal welfare, and breed development. They were both really interesting. The course is hard work - it’s hard academically and there’s a lot of assignments, you have to put the work in. The staff support you though.

The best thing about the course is probably the teachers. We have some brilliant tutors, but the one who stands out for me is Marcus, who is based on the farm. He’s so knowledgeable and so passionate about what he does, and he’s really good at inspiring his students.