Student Profile

Lucia - Level 1 Childcare

Oct 15, 2015

Lucia - Level 1 Childcare

The Level 1 course is really good, I really enjoy it. The teachers are great and I love the lessons - our teachers always try to make them fun and interesting. At the moment we’re learning about babies, and how they develop and grow. Next year we’ll be learning about older children, and I’m really looking forward to that. We’ll also be doing a work placement as part of the course, which will be really interesting and look good on my CV. I’ve been doing a placement with Disability Challengers, which I got after they visited the college on one of the recruitment fairs.

College is really different from school because you’re treated like an adult, and you get trusted to make your own decisions. One of my favourite things about the course is the emphasis on keeping the children healthy and safe, because that will be the most important part of your job one day. As part of that we learn about nutrition and cooking and we learn how to make meals like soup, chilli and pasta, which is also a good life skill.

I moved to the UK from Hungary, and my English was really bad. I worked really hard on improving it, because I’ve always wanted to work in Childcare. I started out on a course in Nescot’s Preparation for Life and Work department, and then I progressed to a Level 1 in Childcare. I’m hoping to get to the Level 3 course, or maybe to do an apprenticeship and hopefully one day become a nanny or a childminder. I love working with children, they just make me smile. I’d say to anyone thinking about studying this course to go for it. It’s a really friendly place to study and the facilities are really good.