Student Profile

Rachel - Level 3 Year 2 Health and Social Care

Oct 27, 2015

Rachel - Level 3 Year 2 Health and Social Care

I knew I wanted to become a nurse, so I researched colleges that offered a BTEC in Health and Social Care. Nescot seemed like the best college around, and when I came to have a look around I was impressed. Everyone was friendly and knowledgable, and the course sounded really interesting. I wanted to go into nursing, but I knew even if I changed my mind then there was loads of other career options, like mental health nursing, social work, or childcare.

 I like that the course is really focussed on knowledge and skills we’ll need in the future. At the moment, for example, we’re learning how to administer medication. My favourite part of the course was probably going out to do work experience, and I also really enjoyed the unit on anatomy and physiology. We used the virtual learning environment Weblearn a lot. The teaching’s been really good, especially Dr Jilly, who goes out of her way to help people. She’s such a good teacher. The library is really good and well-resourced, and the staff there are really helpful too.

 I’ve just finished a placement at the Royal Marsden in Sutton, which was amazing. I worked in a research ward, so they were doing drug trials. I was lucky because I was able to use things I’d learnt at Nescot, like having good communication skills by speaking clearly and directly, and listening well. I also did a placement at a nursery in Carshalton, and although I don’t want to go into childcare I learnt a lot I will be able to use in my career. There has been a lot of focus on planning for the future, and we had a lot of support researching career options and doing our UCAS forms. Next year I’m going to the University of Southampton to do Adult Nursing, and in the future I’d like to specialise in oncology.