Student Profile

Ryan - Level 1 Brickwork

Oct 27, 2015

Ryan - Level 1 Brickwork

I’ve loved making and creating things since I was little, so I knew I wanted to do something in construction. Bricklaying appealed to me because of the way you make something from nothing, whether that’s a wall or a whole house.

 I chose Nescot because it’s got a reputation for doing the best construction courses in the area. I really like the emphasis on independence here - once you’ve been taught a particular skills the tutors want to make sure you’ve really understood it and that you’ll be able to do it yourself when you’re on a construction site. We’re encouraged to ask for help if we need it though, and there’s a lot of support available.

 We’re also encouraged to think about our futures and career options, and we’ve had help with writing CVs and preparing for interviews. I’ve already got a place on the Level 2 course next year, and in the future I’m hoping to get an apprenticeship. I like the idea of getting paid and getting experience while I’m finishing my qualifications.