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Shaun - Level 3 Year 1 Sport

Oct 27, 2015

Shaun - Level 3 Year 1 Sport

The course is really practical, and the tutors are focussed on teaching you things that will help in your career, not just things for the sake of it or to pass an exam. That means you understand and remember stuff better, because it’s relevant. For example, we’ve learnt a lot about how muscles and bones work, and the effects of lactic acid and phosphocreatine. I’ve been able to use that knowledge to help improve my own sports performance.

 We’ve also been on some really good trips, like Skern Lodge in Devon, which we visited at the start of the year. We did activities like rock climbing and surfing, and I learnt a lot. I have cerebral palsy and I use a wheelchair. Although the staff make a special effort to make sure I can take part in practicals like everyone else, none of the staff or students treat me any differently. The teaching is brilliant, the tutors are so knowledgeable. My tutor, Matt, makes sure everyone understands the topics and is getting on ok with the work, and if anyone is struggling he makes time to help them. I’m also a class representative on Student Voice, which is a college forum for students to meet with senior managers of the college.

 I’ve always been interested in sports. At first, when I was 11, I tried wheelchair basketball with a club in Lewisham, but I wasn’t very good at maneuvering. Then I found another club and the coach got me into racing, across distances from 100m to the half marathon. My best time is 1:16. I’ve just done the Mini London Wheelchair Marathon, which is three miles, and my time was 16:32. For my age and classification, which is T33, I am the third fastest in the country and the six fastest in the world. My aim is become an elite wheelchair racer, and my dream is to compete in the Paralympic Games. David Weir is my inspiration - especially because he grew up near me. I train with Velocity Racing in Carshalton at the leisure centre that was named after him.