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The Counselling Department

Psychodynamic counselling is based on the belief that the past influences the present in ways that we are not always aware of. 

A psychodynamic counsellor will strive to help clients recognise the possible source of some of their issues such as unhelpful relationships patterns. Another important aspect of psychodynamic work is the way various feelings such as anxiety are being managed. Psychodynamic counselling tends to offer an experience that is different from the one that is expected.

Do you have relevant work experience or qualifications and now want to become a qualified psychodynamic counsellor within three years? Do you want to work for major mental health organisations or open your own private practice?

Nescot can give you the opportunity.

Our team at Nescot are dedicated to taking you through rigorous professional training with the view to producing skilled competent practitioners, equipped with the knowledge and empathy to make a real difference to your clients.

What to Expect

All of our tutors are experienced, practising counsellors and psychotherapists with various specialties and areas of excellence. We are also one of the few BACP accredited colleges to offer specialised and professional training in analytical psychodynamic counselling. Upon qualification you will be eligible to apply for membership and registration with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). We offer our students in-house supervision that supports their clinical practice hours, alongside their agency placement supervisor.