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An apprenticeship enables anyone aged 16 and over to learn a profession by learning knowledge and skills in the classroom and gaining practical experience at work. You can see all the subjects we offer apprenticeships in below.

Information for Applicants

An apprenticeship enables anyone aged 16 and over to learn a profession by learning knowledge and skills in the classroom and gaining practical experience at work. 

Read our information booklet below to find out more about Apprenticeships at Nescot.

Why do an apprenticeship at Nescot?

Here are a few ideas about what you could enjoy about becoming an apprentice. 
Find our latest apprenticeship vacancies online here!

  • Earn while you learn. Like your colleagues, you’ll get paid a wage right from your first day. Like the other students at college, you’ll be getting all the training and help to make sure you get your qualifications. As an apprentice you'll get the best of both worlds. You'll get at least the minimum wage for your age, but many apprentices earn much more. You can find out more about the national minimum wage here 

  • Get the qualifications you need. Apprenticeships are highly focussed on helping you develop and achieve the skills, experience and qualifications employers want you to have. That means the college will also make sure your maths, English and IT skills are up to scratch

  • Learn at your own pace. Another benefit to on-the-job training is that you can take the time to make sure you understand something, and ask for help if you don’t. Your Nescot tutor will also be happy to help if you have any questions about what you’re learning at work.

  • Do a real job. Like your colleagues, you’ll get paid holidays and other benefits such as pension contributions. You’ll be working alongside full-time members of staff so you can get a sense of what the job will be like once you finish your training.

  • Great support. Again, you have the best of both worlds, with your employer and the college working together to help you get the skills and experience you need to gain your qualification.

  • Practical experience. By the time you finish your apprenticeship you’ll not only be qualified to work in the trade, you’ll also have an understanding of your role and your industry you can’t read in a book.

  • Great prospects. One you’ve finished your course you could stay with your company, perhaps with a promotion, or look for a full-time job elsewhere. Our apprentices tell us the practical experience they’ve had helps them stand out from other candidates when they apply for job, and makes them feel more confident too. You could also continue into Higher Education.

  • Transferable skills. Although your apprenticeship will be very focussed on your particular profession, you’ll also learn a lot of skills you’ll find useful in other industries and careers. For example, health and safety requirements, numeracy, time management and an understanding of how different roles and industries work together.
How can I apply for an apprenticeship at Nescot?

If you want to find out more about apprenticeships you can call the Advice and Guidance team on 020 8394 3038 and chat to them over the phone or make an appointment to come in to college and speak to someone in person.

Find our latest apprenticeship vacancies online here!

When you’re ready to apply, you can follow the links on your chosen course to apply online. If you need any assistance applying please contact the Advice and Guidance team on the details above.

Once you’ve applied, the Advice and Guidance team will be in touch with you to arrange an interview with the Apprenticeships team where we will also talk to you about whether you have a job, and if you don’t how we can help to find one. You will also be able to talk about your other options, such as studying full-time.

Read the information here for more information about your next steps in applying for an apprenticeship.

What can I study an apprenticeship in?

An apprenticeship enables anyone aged 16 and over to learn a profession by learning knowledge and skills in the classroom and gaining practical experience at work. Nescot offers apprenticeships in the subjects below.

  • Business Administration: Level 3
  • Carpentry and Joinery: Level 2
  • Customer Service: Level 2 and Level 3
  • Digital Marketer: Level 3
  • Early Years Educator: Level 3
  • Electrical: Level 3
  • Gas Engineer: Level 3
  • Healthcare Play Specialist: Level 5
  • IT Infrastructure Technician: Level 3
  • Operations/Departmental Manager: Level 5
  • Plumbing and Heating Natural Gas Route: Level 3
  • Team Leader/Supervisor: Level 3

Find our latest Apprenticeship job vacancies here!

How will Nescot support me during my apprenticeship?

One of the benefits of doing an apprenticeship at Nescot is that you'll get support from both the college and your employer. The college has a dedicated apprenticeship team with staff experienced at helping apprentices and their employers, and they'll visit you at work to help you through the course.

You can expect:

  • A dedicated team to support you through your English, Maths and ICT
  • Highly-qualified tutors
  • Occupational experts and assessors to assess you in the workplace and support you through your whole qualification
  • Dedicated Apprenticeship advisors to provide general support throughout
  • Access to the latest IT software and equipment, and our refurbished Learning Resource Centre

We hope you’ll be very happy while you’re studying on your apprenticeship programme, but if you do have any questions at any point you can speak to your assessor, or contact the apprenticeship team by calling 020 8394 8425 or emailing apprenticeships@nescot.ac.uk

You can find out more about what Nescot does to support students here.

How will my apprenticeship be assessed?

An apprenticeship is a framework of qualifications which takes place in the workplace and assesses your ability to undertake specific parts of the job.

An Apprenticeship is usually made up of at least 4 parts:

The competency qualification (NVQ)
This is specific to each course. A college assessor will visit you at work at various points during your course and observe your practical skills, judging you either as 'competent' or 'not competent'. If you are judged as not competent you'll be able to get some more practice before being assessed again.

The knowledge qualification (Technical certificate)
This is an academic assessment of your knowledge, but not all apprenticeships have this component. Assessment method is decided by the awarding body, and could include case studies, projects, practical skills tests and exams. 

Functional Skills (English, Maths and IT)
As part of your apprenticeship you are required to achieve a level of Maths, English and IT to enable you to meet the needs of employers. If you already have qualifications such as GCSEs or AS or A-Levels you may not need to do Functional Skills. Not all apprenticeships need you to have all three Functional Skills. You'll be assessed through online multiple choice exams. 

Employment right and responsibilities
Every apprentice must demonstrate they know and understand the rights of employers and employees under employment law. Teaching will cover topics including health and safety, equality and diversity and other contractual rights.

You may also have to take some sector-specific qualifications, but this will be explained at your interview.

Who pays for an apprenticeship, and what financial help is available?

If you’re aged 16 to 18 you won’t have to pay anything to become an apprentice because the Government will fund your apprenticeship. 

If you’re over 19 your employer will pay a contribution for your apprenticeship.

For more information about our Advanced Learning Loans, for students aged 24 and over, and other types of help available contact our Student Finance team for advice.

As an apprentice, you're legally entitled to earn at least the apprenticeship minimum wage for your age, although some people earn much more.

Find our latest apprenticeship vacancies online here!

Information for Employers

Nescot has an experienced and dedicated team of staff in The Business Centre to assist with the recruiting and matching suitable candidates for your organisation.

Thinking of taking on an Apprentice? 

View our Apprenticeships for Business Factsheet below.

Why not give our team a call on 0208 394 8593 or email businesscentre@nescot.ac.uk for further information about what's involved, the benefits of employing an apprentice, and how the team can support you in finding the right apprentice for you.

Are you a Levy-paying Employer?

Give our team a call on the details above to discuss how we can work in with you to deliver training for both new and existing staff. If what you require is not listed we may be able to create bespoke training for you.

Have a job to advertise?

The Business Centre can help with this too. We have vacancy boards displayed in our main reception with up-to-date vacancies for our students and visitors to access. Email the team with details of your part-time, full-time and temporary job listings.

Want to offer work experience opportunity?

As an employer, you will know the importance of valuable work experience and the benefits that can bring to both the young person and your organisation, often leading to further employment. If you would like to discuss offering work experience to our students, please get in touch.

How will Nescot support me if I decide to employ an apprentice?

One of the benefits of taking on an apprentice through Nescot is that you'll get extensive support from a dedicated team who have a wealth of experience in supporting apprentices and employers.If you want to take on an apprentice but don't know where to start, the apprenticeship team and our on-site Business Centre can help. Our staff are dedicated to helping match employers with vacancies to the right students. The comprehensive service is free to employers and students, and we also place students in full and part-time jobs and work experience placements, as well as in apprenticeships.

The Business Centre can help you with the whole recruitment process:

  • Defining the skills you need an apprentice to have;
  • Advertising your vacancies to Nescot students;
  • Finding and screening recruits;
  • Arranging interviews to your specifications;
  • Organising job offers for you; and
  • Preparing new employees and offering them ongoing support once they've started work.

The comprehensive level of service and support makes the whole process easier and simpler, both for you and your new apprentice, and removes any barriers you might have had against employing an apprentice. To contact the team, call 020 8394 8593, or email businesscentre@nescot.ac.uk

Once your apprentice has started work, you'll be supported by our apprenticeships team until your new recruit is fully qualified. Our advisors will give you all the support you need, and our highly-qualified occupational experts will visit your workplace to assess the apprentice and support you both.

You can also call the college’s Advice and Guidance team for a chat on 020 8394 3038.

Photograph of a Nescot student

We love having apprentices, because it’s a great way of continuing to improve our collective skills and expertise. Our apprentices can learn from the expertise of our experienced colleagues, and the whole team benefits from keeping up to date on the latest early years theories and principles. We see apprenticeships as a long-term way of developing staff.
Suzanne Walsh, Operations and Nursery Manager at Nonsuch Park Forest School

Photograph of a Nescot student

The teachers are really good. It definitely helps that they’re qualified plumbers themselves, because they have a lot of knowledge and experience. I’m enjoying my apprenticeship and I’d definitely recommend it. I like doing a practical course and learning by doing things myself rather than reading from a book.

Hear about Apprenticeships at Nescot