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Two of Nescot’s Supported Interns have been described as an ‘asset to the business’ by the manager of an Epsom hotel.

Students Daniel and Michael started a placement at The Orchid Hotel on Kingston Road in September, and Operations Manager Adam Dawtrey said the pair should be ‘commended for their efforts’.

“Daniel has really thrived with his attention to the finer details in rooms and making sure nothing is left behind, even double-checking most rooms after hoovering,” Mr Dawtrey said.

“Michael is really standing out with his bed-making and room set-up skills. It’s been really impressive to see how much enjoyment he gets and how his confidence in this grows week on week.”

“Both Michael and Daniel are assets to Nescot, and have been a great asset and help so far through their training to my business as a whole.”

A Supported Internship is a year-long course aimed at helping young people with additional needs to develop the personal and professional skills they need to find long-term paid employment.

Specially-trained job coaches match the interns to a job that fits their kills and interests, and the students then spend up to four days a week at their job and one day at college.

Jobs range from working in hospitality to horticulture, and placements are also offered within the college if this is a better fit for the student.

Foundation Learning job coaches support the students throughout, visiting their placements frequently and keeping a record of their achievement as they progress.

The internships also give the students the opportunity to develop their transferrable skills, such as self-confidence and communication, as well as helping them to find out more about which role would suit them in the longer-term.

During their one day in college per week, the interns follow a personalised study programme, which includes English and maths as well as work skills.

The lessons are tailored to what the students are doing in their placement, such as working on counting change for customers or writing emails to colleagues.

At the end of the programme students graduate into paid employment. If this isn’t available at their placement then job coaches help them to find paid or voluntary work elsewhere.

Applicants must have a current Education and Health Plan, be aged at least 18, and have a strong desire to work. You can find out more about the course online here.

Nescot’s Foundation Learning department offers a wide range of qualifications aimed at supporting students to reach their full potential.

Some of the courses are aimed at young people with learning difficulties and disabilities, and others have been developed for those who left school with few or no formal qualifications.

To find out more about Foundation Learning at Nescot, click here.

I’d really like to take this opportunity to share my appreciation to both Michael and Daniel. Since joining Orchid Hotel through the Supported Internship Programme, training for work readiness, both Michael and Daniel have shown great enthusiasm for being a part of both the day-to-day tasks within the hotel and also as a part of the greater team as a whole. Daniel has really thrived with his attention to the finer details in rooms and making sure that nothing is left behind from previous guests – going so far as to double check most rooms after hoovering to ensure that the task is not only completed but completed to a very high standard. Michael is really standing out with his bed-making and ‘room setup’ skills, ensuring that all amenities that we provide are placed into rooms and the beds are made to a very high standard. It’s really been impressive to see just how much enjoyment he has seemed to get, and his confidence in this grows week on week. Both Michael and Daniel are assets to Nescot and have been a great asset and help so far through their training to my business as a whole. They should be commended for the effort they have put into making this experience such a success in what must have been such a daunting venture into this industry.

Adam Dawtrey, Operations Manager