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Enrolment for Apprenticeship Applicants

Please read the information below carefully as it will help you to enrol at the right time and avoid any unnecessary waits.

An apprenticeship is where you learn knowledge and skills at college and get practical experience at work. Nescot offers a huge range of apprenticeships, in subjects including Construction, IT, business admin and Healthcare Play. Anyone aged 16 or over can do an apprenticeship. You can read more here. There's also more information about how an apprenticeship is different from studying full-time, which you can read here, and there's more information for employers here. 

If you've already applied to study an apprenticeship at Nescot, you should have been asked to complete your Get Ready for College form. You can do this form by logging into the application portal by clicking here. Once you've done this form you will be contacted by the Apprenticeships team and told when your first day of college will be. Most apprentices are starting college in late September, but this will depend on your course. 

If you haven't received your Get Ready for College form by email, please check your junk folder. If you need any help, or you have any questions, please contact the Apprenticeships team 020 8394 8425. 

The application and enrolment process for apprentices

The application process is different for apprentices compared to full-time students. The process is:

  • You apply online
  • You will be invited to an interview with an assessor, who will discuss your skills for the role, and you have an initial assessment of your English and maths
  • The college works with your employer on some paperwork, including the appropriate insurance, and we create your Apprenticeship Agreement
  • You, your employer and the college all sign the Apprenticeship Agreement
  • Nescot sends you the Get Ready for College form to complete
  • Once you've done the form, we will be in touch to tell you when your first day at college will be
  • On your first day you will sign your learning agreement and get your college ID badge.
Your first day at Nescot

Most apprentices will have their first day of college at the end of September, but it depends what you're studying. If you're not sure when your first day is, please contact the Apprenticeships team by calling 020 8394 8425.

What can I study?

We believe that Nescot has a qualification for everyone, whatever your goals are. We also have a wide range of facilities that are open to the public.

  • Part-time courses for adults: We offer courses that fit around your existing commitments, whether you're aiming for a promotion, a career change or a new hobby. Choose your qualification here.
  • University-level qualifications: Our courses include HNCs, HNDs, top-up years, foundation degrees and more. Learn more here.
  • Distance learning: Many of our courses can be studied by distance learning, with subjects ranging from health and social care to business - and many of them are absolutely free. Find out more here.