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Cookies and Browser notice

Cookies used on this site

Which cookies are used and why?

Essential session cookies are used on this website to enable it to function correctly. The only other cookies used are Google Analytics tracking cookies, the data from which is used to improve the site for all visitors. No personally identifiable data is collected via our cookies.

What if I don't want to accept the cookies on this site?

You can change your cookie settings at any time by changing your browser preferences. This will control all cookies set from all sites, not just this one. For more information on how to change your cookie settings for your particular browser, please see

What happens if I do nothing?

Your continued use of this site without changing your cookie settings will be taken as permission to use and set cookies as described above.

Browser compatibility

This website is optimised for use on all current major browsers, for desktop, mobile and tablet use.
This website does not operate with full functionality on Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). IE has been replaced by 'Edge' and Microsoft ceased all support for IE in 2021. If you are using a desktop computer or laptop with IE, it is strongly recommended you switch to a supported browser such as Chrome or Edge.