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Meet Our Creative Media Students


HND in Creative Media

"The best thing about the course is how practical it is. We work on really interesting projects, and we’re treated like we’re already working in the industry. In Level 3 we learnt a lot of practical skills, like how to frame or light a shot, and how to edit, and then we worked in teams on different productions. In the HND we’re working on more complicated projects, and they expect us to be more creative and more thoughtful in our work.

I have cerebral palsy, which is a type of motor disability, and that can affect my studies in different ways. For example, it can be hard to film on location, because travelling can be difficult for me. In class the written work, like taking notes or writing essays, can be physically difficult, and I sometimes find it hard to put my thoughts into words. The Media staff do a good job of helping me without patronising me or talking over me, and they’ve helped me to have the confidence to advocate for myself, and to ask for support when I need it. Studying at Nescot has given me independence and self-confidence that I thought I’d never have. I used to feel shy about talking to people, or speaking up in class, but my experience at Nescot has given me the courage to talk to anyone."


Creative Media, Level 3 

“At the start of the course we learnt how to use the camera and then we started learning more about post-production. There’s a lot of emphasis on working in teams, and you’re expected to become more independent as you go through the course. My favourite project so far was making our music videos, because it was fun and I could also see how much I was improving. I found it hard to work in groups at first, but it’s really improved my communication and time management skills, and that will help me in the future. I like that the tutors give you space to try things for yourself, but they’re always available for you when you need help with something. Next year I’m going to university, and after that I want to specialise in editing.”


HND in Creative Media

"I joined Nescot to do my Level 3 in Creative Media, and then I decided to stay here to do my HND. It was an easy choice – the facilities and the resources are great, and the teachers are experienced and really helpful. The work we do is interesting, so that makes you motivated to work hard. At the moment we’re working on a trailer edit, where we have to change the genre of a trailer, an essay on a media production team, and a promotional video. Our assignments are always based on what we’ll be doing in the industry, so you feel like you’re gaining genuine skills and knowledge and not just jumping through hoops.

The HND is a good mix of practical and theory, and you’re given a lot of responsibility and autonomy. There’s a big jump from high school to college, and another jump from Level 3 to HND, but you’re supported throughout. I’ve set up my own media production business and I already have clients. The HND is giving me the technical and practical skills I need to make it a success."

Photograph of a Nescot student

We spent our first few weeks learning lots of new skills, like how to operate cameras and how to do sound and lighting, and then we started our film projects. The tutors have high expectations of us, but I know I can always ask for help if I need it.

Photograph of a Nescot student

The teachers know so much about the industry, and they’re really good at explaining complicated things. I did work experience at Reef Entertainment, testing a computer game, and I got to work with professional developers using skills we’d learnt at college. That really inspired me to keep doing the best I can.